What we do

A problem worth solving

Today’s electricity networks are under significant stress due to drastically increasing demand from factors such as electric vehicles, growing populations and the integration of renewables.

As electricity lines operate, they get hot, both from the current running through them and incoming solar radiation. The hotter the line, the less efficient the line is due to increased electrical resistance.

Cooler overhead lines with lower electrical resistance will reduce power losses, reduce carbon emissions, offer increased ampacity and bring both CAPEX and long-term OPEX savings.

How we solve it – Photonic Science

AssetCool’s groundbreaking technology works according to recent advances in photonic science: passive radiative cooling. In this field, coatings have been engineered to interact with different wavelengths of light and manage incoming and outgoing radiation to create a net outgoing radiative energy flux on the conductor. We have designed an innovative coating to maximise the cooling power of our coatings whilst operating at the elevated temperatures of overhead conductors.

Our benefits

Reduces overhead line temperature

Increases conductor ampacity

Reduces carbon emission

Reduces losses

Consistent conductor ampacity across all levels of solar radiation - increased day time peak capacity

Who are AssetCool?

AssetCool is a multidisciplinary team of PhD physicists, Coatings Experts, Doctoral researchers in Power Systems and Chemists.

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