Photonic Cooling of Overhead Power Lines.

Our vision - To increase the performance of electricity networks while reducing energy losses, cost and emissions all at the same time.

Our Game Changing Discovery

Cost efficient, durable, easy to adopt photonic coatings for overhead lines that address the unprecedented challenges faced by global networks. Specifically, our coating:

Reduces overhead line temperature

Increases conductor ampacity

Reduces carbon emission

Reduces losses

Consistent conductor ampacity across all levels of solar radiation - increased day time peak capacity

Discover our technology

Our coatings increase electricity network capacity at reduced cost, exploiting a limitless cooling resource: outer space

Tackling the Energy Trilemma

Our photonic coating does this in three ways:


Increasing Performance

These coatings can increase the ampacity of conventional overhead lines by 20% or more depending on environmental conditions.


Reducing Power Losses and Carbon Emissions

Lines operating at lower temperatures have lower power losses. reducing the carbon footprint of grid operators.


Lowering Cost

Lowering cost: Upfront CAPEX savings and continual OPEX savings over the lifetime.