About us

The lightbulb moment

Our solution emerged from research on spectrally selective coatings for solar heating panels coupled with recent advances in the field of nanophotonics, which allowed new coatings to be simultaneously thermally emissive and solar reflective. We believe the possibilities for its application are extensive and global in numerous markets.

Our team

AssetCool is a collection of innovative, ambitious doctors, engineers, scientists and commercial specialists who care a lot more about making a difference and building collaborative relationships. Our aim is to deliver our technology that will impact the way the world uses power and at the same time create partnerships with organisations who want to do the same thing.

The team

Dr Niall Coogan

A Director with highly relevant technical and research experience; A Masters in Chemistry (being published in the Journal of Organic Chemistry) from The University of Manchester, where he also continued Doctoral research experience in power systems on The Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Power Networks. High level technical research experience both in Chemistry and Power Systems is key to driving innovation at the interface of these domains.

Stuart Thompson

Stuart has over 25 years of experience in leading the commercialisation of technology. Stuart has advised directors and company boards in the UK and globally in Europe, Middle East, SE Asia, China, Australia and the USA. A specialist in strategy development with an MBA from one of Europe’s top business schools. He is passionate about helping people and companies prosper.

Dr Oliver Higbee

Oliver has a Masters in Physics, including a two- year project developing a micro-Raman Spectroscopy lab for investigations into Graphene. Oliver ascertained a PhD from The University of Exeter in infrared nanophotonics - designing and fabricating nanophotonic dielectric coatings and developing infrared optical systems to measure a range of devices.

Tonia Parris

Tonia has a degree in Chemistry and over 25 years’ experience in the coatings industry. Tonia was the Technical Director of an international coatings company specialising in a range of extreme industrial environments including subsea and oil and gas.

Dr Rachel Parker

Rachel has a masters degree in chemistry from the University of Edinburgh, which she followed with a PhD in synthetic materials chemistry at the University of York, studying the photophysical and liquid-crystalline behaviour of organometallic complexes. Rachel has also worked as a formulation chemist for the coatings sector, developing commercial products with enhanced functionality.

Barry Johnston

Barry took his BSc at Bristol University, and his MSc at Liverpool University, where he specialised in the nuclear radiation ecology. This developed into a career of serial entrepreneurship commercialising solar thermal technology across multiple domains including domestic heating and water sanitation. Many of the principles of passively managing solar radiation have been transferred into the domain of power networks.

Our Partners

We believe in a collaborative approach. Our aim is to work with like-minded, trusted, specialist partners to co-create valuable solutions.

Our combined expertise leverages the experience and proven track record of our partnerships to create services and products which will deliver benefits and value to our customers and society as a whole. We are constantly seeking to create partnerships with technical and commercial experts to help develop or deliver our technology to power network operators globally.

Our technology

We have developed a photonic coating to spectrally optimise the external surface of overhead lines.

How AssetCool works